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About Smart Art Direct

Here at Smart Art Direct we specialise in supplying the Furniture, Interior and Home Accessory Stores with the Highest Quality Mirrored Furniture and the latest trending Wall Art. We pride ourselves with designs that will keep any Retailer ahead of its competition on the High Street.

Smart Art Promise
We don’t believe in having 5,000 random customers diluting a business relationship to just an account number! We concentrate on having a one on one relationship with our customers giving them a ‘One Shop per Town Policy’ which internally brings our companies closer together, guaranteeing you the retailer exclusivity enabling you to maximise your profits on all Smart Art Direct products.

Customer Relationships to be Proud of
With having over 40 years experience in the trade, our soul purpose is to make sure that together, we can help you expand your brand.

We guarantee only the highest quality products are delivered to your customer maximising positive feedback giving your customers, Old and New the confidence to preferably shop with you.

Furniture Product Information
What is also important is that you know what you are selling, every customer out there needs to know why they should be purchasing from YOU and not the cheap discount shop down the road.

All our mirror products are made with the Highest Quality Green Grade Glass, this glass uses purified Sand and Copper Minerals, once added this gives the mirror a brighter shine, not the grey dull look that you can often see in cheap mirror products. We also produce the glass slightly thicker than most suppliers which prevents corners from cracking from temperature changes. All our carcasses are made with High Grade MDF preventing movement and drawers that soft close with the slightest push. We use the largest diamond crush we can find which gives our products a luxurious finish. These details are important when discussing our products with your customer explaining the quality of the product they are purchasing.

Artwork Production Information
At Smart Art we know how important it is to have artwork in your store that shows a statement as well as being saleable to you customer base. Whether its animals for your gift shop, fashion styles for your boutique or large sceneries for you furniture store. Here at Smart Art we are tirelessly searching for new artists, new styles and new trends in the art world fulfilling every customers request. With only using the best of materials, mirrored frames and Swarovski crystals, every piece of Smart Art artwork stands out keeping your store “the go to shop” on the high street – also if there is a particular genre you wish to sell in your store please do not hesitate to call us for a chat, working in partnership with you is what we specialise in.

Packaging Information
Rest assured as specialising in mirrored products, we know what we need to do make sure your products arrive safely and undamaged to your customers homes. We spend on average £20-£30 more on packaging per item than our competitors. We know how important it is to “get it right” the first time round. All our mirrored furniture packaging starts with the item wrapped in a plastic cling film, reinforced plastic corners, then boxed in 2-4 inch polystyrene sheeting, then solid hard board sheets placed top, bottom, front, back and both sides, making sure that no external force can damage the products before they reach your customer. If you require packaging information on sizes and weights for your courier, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Delivery Information
We always try to complete all orders from your customers point of view, quick and efficiently. As a rule we do not charge for delivery nor have a minimum order policy however, if it is a small order we will deliver to you but at our convenience ( when we have a van close etc). 

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